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Food Processing

Nigeria, however, has high growth potential for these industrial cassava products and the expansion of these markets will lead to growth in the production and processing of cassava that will substitute import. People are becoming conscious of the health implication of a gluten content food and are looking for healthy alternatives.

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Exportation of Value-Added Agro Commodities

Exportation of Processed and Packaged Flour (Cassava, Yam, Plantain etc), exporting of processed Grains, Cereals, Legumes, Herbs & Spices.

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Welcome to Royal Pearls |Resources Ltd

R oyal Pearls Resources Ltd is an innovative Agro-Allied enterprise whose area of business involves cassava flour processing, packaging, and marketing of nutritious High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF). Our aspiration is be among the foremost Agri-food tech company in Nigeria. Providing Smallholder farmers innovative Digital Smartfarm solutions for Cassava specialization using GIS to improve production; processing and marketing. Registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) and it’s also licensed by Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC). Also, we have an added advantage of Robust network of foreign experts in relative line of business. The products we offer to our various clients include; exporting Processed and Packaged Flour (Cassava, Yam, Plantain etc.); Grains, Cereals, Legumes, Herbs & Spices and Consultancy & Advisory services.

  • Gluten-free flours.
  • Organic farming (Aquaculture).
  • Herbs & spices.
  • Smart farming and Precision Agriculture.
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