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Natural wholesome processed and packaged flour/food products.

Our aspiration is be among the foremost Agri-food tech company in Nigeria. Providing Smallholder farmers innovative Digital Smartfarm solutions for Cassava specialization using GIS to improve production; processing and marketing.

The normal and manual farming season is usually hectic for smallholder farmers because they can't predict the weather conditions due to Global Warming. One thing Is paramount to a farmer is HIGH YIELD with cost management. Agriculture will create systems that are highly productive, anticipatory and adaptable to changes such as those caused by climate change. This, in turn, could lead to greater food security, profitability and sustainability. Africa has the least mechanized agricultural system in the world.

  • We serve the best food in town.
  • Organic Farming (Aquaculture).
  • Herbs & spices.
  • Smart farming and Precision Agriculture.


What challenges are we solving and why? Developing countries are facing low agricultural productivity and food insecurity. This gap needs to be bridged by an actor who can intervene and link farmers with new technologies and practices. Thanks to technology, farms can now produce more food, measured by inputs of land, labor, energy or materials than ever before and does so with less water and less impact on the environment and climate.And it also provides skilled careers for a new generation of farm workers.

Quality Cassava Flour

A Cloud-Based Digital Farm Management System for Cassava Production; Processing; Distribution and Marketing. Our Focus point is using Geographic Information System GIS to improve agricultural practice and sales.

Build Loyalty and Partnership

market-leading farm management platform to farms, share knowledge, provide data-driven advice and build a long term partnership. AGRICULTURAL SUPPLY CHAIN A powerful agriculture supply chain management software tailor-made to support food companies in creating a sustainable and efficient supply


In a developing nation like Nigeria the normal farming season isn't easy, but with effective planning and proactive measures by integrating digital solutions, farmers can break even after a bountiful harvest.

Customer Satisfaction

We intend to be among the best Agri-food tech industry in Africa providing world class cloud-based digital Smartfarm solutions in Nigeria.