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Founder and CEO

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Aishah Sulaiman aishah.sulaiman@royalpearls.com.ng

Aishah Sulaiman is the founder of ‘Royal Pearls Resources Limited’ (@akoyafoods) - an innovative startup Agro-based enterprise involved in the  

processing and packaging of nutritious gluten-free flour/spices products that meet international standards at affordable price points.

She has been instrumental in contributing to the growth of the Nigerian declining Agricultural economy, reducing post-harvest losses by creating value-addition to Agro commodities and has received several awards and recognitions including the AU Global Youth Start-Up Awards 2021.   
She is a certified US exchange Alumna, she has participated in a number of accelerator programs such as the GAF Africa Academy, SABEF Accelerator, Fate Foundation. She is a member of She Trades Nigeria, Fisheries Society of Nigeria and holds a Mini MBA from Eudora city Business School among others.  
Her company’s vision is to contribute to the foreign exchange earnings of Nigeria by engaging specifically in value-added Agro commodities export from Nigeria to other African countries and the rest of the world.  Its mission is to contribute to global food security as defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 through its Nigerian market in the supply of processed food both locally and internationally.  
Being FDA certified for exportation of its product into the United States of America, ‘Royal Pearls Resources Limited’ strives to expand its global reach and become one of the top Agro-business in Africa in the next five years.  
Aisha holds a bachelor's degree in animal and environmental biology and a master's degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture.



Production manager 
the astute Production/Media Manager at Royal Pearls Resources Limited, is a distinguished professional blending

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Ahmad Yomi Akinsanya  ahmad.akinsanya@royalpearls.com.ng

 academic prowess with extensive expertise. Holding a B.Sc. in Mass Communication and an M.Sc. in Strategic Communication from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello

 University, Zaria, Ahmad is a trailblazer in the field.

An Associate Member of the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations and a proud Member of the Nigeria Institute of Management, Ahmad exemplifies a commitment to professional excellence. His proactive approach is underscored by the acquisition of an International Executive Diploma in Disaster Management, showcasing his dedication to holistic leadership.

Ahmad Yomi Akinsanya's quest for knowledge extends beyond formal education, as evidenced by his active participation in numerous seminars and workshops on agro production and media management. This continuous learning ethos positions him as a dynamic leader, contributing significantly to Royal Pearls Resources Limited's success through his multifaceted role in production and media management.


Marketing And Sales 
is a multifaceted professional, blending a strong academic foundation in biochemistry with a successful career as a seasoned

Munirah Sulaiman

marketer. She earned her degree in Biochemistry from Bayero University Kano, where her passion for understanding the intricacies of biological processes and scientific inquiry began to flourish.  
With a solid academic background, Munirah seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic world of marketing. Her journey led her to become a valuable asset at Royal Pearls Resources Limited, where she has honed her marketing skills and demonstrated a keen understanding of the industry.

As a seasoned marketer, Munirah possesses a unique combination of analytical thinking from her biochemistry background and the creative flair essential in marketing. Her versatility allows her to navigate the complexities of both fields, bringing a fresh and innovative perspective to her work.

In her role at Royal Pearls Resources Limited, Munirah has showcased her ability to strategize and execute effective marketing campaigns. Her contributions have not only elevated the company's brand presence but have also established her as a proficient professional in the marketing domain.

Munirah Sulaiman continues to make a mark in both biochemistry and marketing, embodying the essence of a well-rounded professional. Her story serves as an inspiration to those aspiring to bridge diverse fields of expertise, demonstrating that a strong foundation in one discipline can complement and enhance success in another.